Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Playing princess (#RepealThe8th)

I left the house for some fresh air, and me and Bicky played around Roche Castle. It's nearly on our doorstep and we had never visited the ruin -slopes and hills are my enemy and I was always put off, however the climb really wasn't half as bad as I thought it was/ as it looks from the road. Encouraged by Bicky, we took the short drive so I could play princess for a while. Wearing my new Repeal The 8th sweater (obligatory, cool photos of which are also a must). Very tired afterwards, but it was worth it... I'll just have to be Sleeping Beauty. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Chronic pain is a piece of Cake (a movie review)

It's not often I purposely watch movies that contain scenes of chronic illness, pain or disability. I might write about my own experiences, come across as open and honest and able to deal with what life throws at me, but sometimes it's too hard to watch a mirror image of yourself through art (on a side note I watched 50/50 when diagnosed with cancer, it's also a goody). It evokes emotions and feelings that can be hard to deal with, but it can have it's good points too. It's depressing, yet releasing. Nice that someone, somewhere understood, that writers and actors really did their research. You feel in some ways respected by their work, and of course gratitude that they went about it the right way and not the easy way. These are not the type of movies that everyone will love, or that will break any records. When Hollywood gets it right, it gets it right. And Cake is one of those movies. Hard to watch, hard to admit its truth, but in a weird way it comforts me to know this can be used as an entertaining resource to those who want to understand what life with chronic pain is like. I hope that such moves affect others in ways of education and information, even if I personally find it difficult to watch.

Movie reviews aint my thing, so bare with me while I attempt to dissect this one while not giving away too much of the story line.

Jennifer Aniston plays a role that I would have assumed out of her depth, a woman named Claire living in chronic pain due to an accident. No make up, realistic scarring, greasy hair and pajama looking clothes nearly all the way through the movie show Aniston in a light that we're not used to seeing her in. The Hollywood beaut is normalised down to mimic the reality of what a chronic-painer may look like -heck, I'll be honest, I haven't had a proper wash in about a week! I've the water heating up now as I type in an attempt at this again. That's disgusting, yep, but I haven't had the physical strength to do so as of yet and I despise asking Bicky for such help. I rarely get dressed in "outside clothes". That's the reality of my life and many others, and that was the reality of this movie. No glorifying illness, in any way whatsoever. No scenes of over-enthusiasm, easy rehabilitation or Jennifer Aniston at any stage saying "the only disability is a bad attitude".

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hopping on #Instagram

Well, well, well, I have yet again mounted the social media pony and went and got myself an Instagram. I never bothered before -I have Facebook (both profile and pages) and a Twitter account, surely that is enough cloud space for photos? But realising that everyone has one these days, particularly bloggers, I hopped right on. And it's slightly addictive... My ego, nosiness and social conditioning love it, while my insecurities and female brain tell me it's dumb, I'm a fraud and it's waste of precious time/ life. Kinda like watching Pretty Little Liars (which I did recently... Sooo many issues with it, fuckin' hell. Like the writers just made the story up as they went along, yeah? The midway/ summer ending of season 6? Oh what monkey cock, kill me now, and all of the characters. I think by the end of it *I* was actually A. It's still quite addictive for some reason though... another rant for another day). So, anyway, the reasonable human in me tells me to shut up, stop over thinking and I post pretty-ish pictures of mundane things I like, do, see... I think you probably know the complex workings of Instagram yourselves. Join me there, lets self loathe together.

So for various animal pics, mini adventures and probably some playing with my toys/ building forts, join me here:

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